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    Turbo Cleaner v 1.0.0 Apk for Boost Smartphone


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    Turbo Cleaner v 1.0.0 Apk for Boost Smartphone

    Post  elbarca on Fri Aug 26, 2016 7:50 am

    Turbo Cleaner is a fast and useful application which increases to prevent unnecessary applications running in the background, the cache files and trash, clean and cool down your phone. It is integrated to save battery life, cache cleaner, improved memory and accelerated for Android phones.

    Free Download Turbo Cleaner v 1.0.0 Apk for Boost Smartphone

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    The Main Features of the Turbo Cleaner v 1.0.0 :

    1. Memory Increase
    Turbo Cleaner can clean out background applications that do not need to deliver, improve memory (RAM), and make your phone faster. It can also prevent applications from restarting automatically to bring the efficiency increase is more durable.One-tap to improve, speed up the phone 50%.

    2. Clear Cache
    NET cache to accurately detect and clean the junk files, recycle bin, cache, etc to save your space. Make your phone run smoothly.

    3. Cool Down CPU & Phone
    Usually, some applications will appreciate the capabilities of the CPU consumption of the device and cause overheating. Turbo Cleaner can detect and delete applications, CPU cooling down for several seconds, and also promotes mobile phones.

    4. Battery Saver
    This junk-file cleaner provides real-time memory and battery monitor. The phone boost force-close the unnecessary background apps to save battery power and extend battery life.

    5. Root Free
    Even without root access, this speed booster for Android can boost phone and clean cache effectively and efficiently.

    In a Word, this speed increase will save battery, making cell phones more quickly, and provide a better experience for users of mobile phones. If you want to try the turbo cleaner application, you can get it below.

    Source : Free Download Turbo Cleaner v 1.0.0 Apk for Boost Smartphone

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